Exploring Different Careers in the iGaming Industry
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Exploring Different Careers in the iGaming Industry

on 12 October 2023

​The iGaming industry, once a burgeoning sector, has now firmly established its presence on the global stage. From the humble beginnings in the mid-1990s with the launch of the first-ever online casino, this digital sphere has grown exponentially. According to the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), the European online gambling market alone produced a Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of €108.5 billion in 2022 - an 23% increase compared to 2021, indicating its immense financial contribution.

As technology advanced, so did the offerings of the industry. Today's iGaming landscape boasts a myriad of platforms, games, affiliates and betting options catering to diverse global audiences. It's not just about traditional casino games anymore; it encompasses sports betting, live dealer games, esports, and much more.

Are There Future Career Opportunities in iGaming?

The industry's expansion naturally translates to a plethora of job roles. From game developers, and sports trading analysts, to SEO and affiliate managers, the options are vast and varied. The beauty of the iGaming industry lies in its inclusivity, accommodating individuals from tech, creative, and business backgrounds alike.

The past five years have witnessed a surge in iGaming jobs, with a growth rate of approximately 10%. Malta, often dubbed the 'iGaming capital of the world', has seen an influx of companies setting up shop, generating thousands of job opportunities. 11,245 people were employed in MGA-licensed businesses according to Malta's Gaming Authority’s 2022 annual report.

Online Casinos and their Operations

Online casinos, the pioneers of iGaming, have continually reinvented themselves. The onus of this innovation largely falls on game developers. They are the masterminds turning simple concepts into immersive gaming experiences, using advanced graphics, soundtracks, and mechanics. Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, for instance, are industry giants responsible for some of the most iconic games, such as 'Mega Moolah' which once paid out a record €18.9 million jackpot.

But it's not just about the games. Running an online casino is a complex affair. Behind the flashy interfaces lie intricate operations involving finance, customer service, marketing, and technology management. Ensuring seamless user experience, maintaining server uptimes, and processing transactions are just a few of the myriad tasks undertaken daily. Here are specialised career roles employed by online casino operators:

  • Customer support in different languages

  • Content managers/editors

  • SEO specialists/managers/head of SEO

  • Marketing specialists/Head of marketing

  • Finance associates/accountants

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Sales account executives

  • Business Development Managers

  • Product owners

  • Account Managers

  • Brand Manager

  • Responsible Gambling Managers

  • Affiliate managers/head of affiliates

  • Content writers/editors/managers

  • Payment and fraud specialists

  • Compliance managers

  • Due Diligence specialists

  • Legal Counsel

  • Website developers

  • Software Developer

  • Bi Developer

  • Mobile Application Developer

  • CRM managers

  • Paid ads managers

  • Retention/reactivation specialists/managers

  • Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

  • Data Engineer

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Acquisition Specialist/ HR manager/ Head of HR

  • Office Coordinator

  • IT Support Engineer

  • Project Manager

Sports Betting Platforms and their Operations

Sports betting isn't new. But the digital transformation of this age-old pastime has brought fresh dynamics. Today's platforms offer bets on virtually any sport, from football to tennis to esports. As per a EGBA report, the European online sports betting sector saw 13.6 billion in revenue in 2022.

Specific roles in sports betting include odds compilers, who analyse and set the odds for various events, and platform developers who ensure the smooth functioning of online portals. Furthermore, the amalgamation of sports knowledge with cutting-edge tech solutions, like AI for predictive modelling, exemplifies the evolution of this segment. In addition to the above online casino roles that we’ve already listed here jobs that are specific to sportsbooks:

  • Sports trader

  • Sports Risk Monitor

  • Fraud and Risk Specialist

Game Development: Innovations and Opportunities

Creating a casino game is a multi-layered process. It starts with conceptualisation, followed by design, programming, testing, and finally, deployment. With the global online gambling market expected to be valued at over 205 billion by 2030, there's an increasing demand for innovative games.

One of the noteworthy trends is mobile gaming. Smartphones have revolutionised how we consume content. In 2022, the global mobile gaming market accounted for 50% of the total market revenue. In addition to the above iGaming roles that we’ve already listed here jobs that are specific to game development:

  • Game Presenter/ Game Dealer

  • Shuffler

  • Engineers/Network engineers/ QA Engineer

  • Game developer

  • Technical Artist/ 2d & 3d Game Artist

  • Animator

  • Game Mathematician

  • Promotions Coordinator

​Affiliate Marketing: A Crucial Segment in iGaming

Let's face it; traffic is the lifeblood of the iGaming industry. And who better to direct this flow than affiliate marketers?

Affiliates act as the bridge between potential players and iGaming platforms. For every player they direct to a site, they earn a commission. In 2019, a renowned name in the iGaming space, reportedly paid out €60 million to its affiliates. It's no small game!

Affiliate marketing is not about haphazardly plastering links everywhere. It requires a deep understanding of SEO, effective content creation, and digital marketing strategies. A sharp analytical mind to decode which strategies are reaping rewards, coupled with the ability to adapt quickly, sets the successful apart from the also-rans. Some in demand iGaming affiliate jobs are:

  • SEO Specialists/Managers

  • Content writers/editors/managers

  • Site Reliability Engineer

Compliance and the Role of Regulatory Bodies

The iGaming industry, given its monetary transactions, necessitates stringent regulations. Each jurisdiction has its regulatory framework, ensuring player safety and fair play. For instance, the UK's Gambling Commission is renowned for its robust regulatory practices.

Understanding and navigating these regulations is crucial. Compliance officers, Legal counsel and legal teams play an instrumental role in this. On the flip side, regulatory bodies also offer career paths. They often hire experts to help draft policies, review license applications, and monitor industry practices.

Skill Sets Needed for a Thriving iGaming Career

Delving into the bustling world of iGaming, one can't simply ride on enthusiasm. A precise set of skills will dictate one's success in this arena. While a game developer needs an in-depth understanding of coding languages like Java or C++, a data analyst would need a knack for dissecting large datasets to make actionable predictions.

Technical, Analytical, and Soft Skills

Technical prowess forms the backbone of many iGaming roles. From the software architects designing robust casino platforms to the cybersecurity experts safeguarding sensitive user data, there's a pressing demand for tech-savvy individuals. With transactions worth billions of Euros flowing through these platforms, it's no wonder that data analytics is another domain seeing a surge in demand. A report from the European Casino Association (ECA) noted that successful companies leverage player data to customise and enhance user experiences, pushing for greater retention.

But don't be fooled into thinking it's all about numbers and code! The soft skills - communication, teamwork, adaptability - often play the defining role, especially in roles like customer support or affiliate marketing. After all, technology is only as effective as the humans behind it.

Training and Certification Recommendations for Aspirants

While traditional degrees in IT or Business might offer a solid base, specific courses like the 'Certificate in iGaming' offered by various institutions in Malta, provide a more tailored approach. Additionally, professionals can consider certifications in cybersecurity or data analytics, given their rising importance in the industry.

Factors Influencing Remuneration

Several variables determine the pay packets. Geographic location, years of experience, and the specific domain (like sports betting versus online casinos) play significant roles. Furthermore, with iGaming companies often operating in a high-revenue, high-competition market, performance bonuses and stock options are not uncommon.

The Impact of Remote Work Opportunities in iGaming

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us the value of adaptability. For many in the iGaming sector, this meant swapping swanky offices for home desks.

Adapting to the Digital Age: Work-from-anywhere Roles

Many iGaming companies were already toeing the remote work line even before the pandemic. With a growth rate of 10% in remote iGaming roles from 2018 to 2020, major iGaming operators headquartered in Malta have shown that geographical boundaries mean little in this digital age. However, many companies now require their employees to work on a hybrid model, going to the office at least twice a week.

Challenges and Advantages of Remote iGaming Jobs

Working in pyjamas? Brilliant! But it's not always sunshine and rainbows. While remote work slashes commuting costs and offers flexibility, it also brings potential feelings of isolation and demands a high level of self-discipline. Here are some challenges that employees in iGaming industries face;

Security Concerns: iGaming deals with enormous financial transactions. A survey by CyberEdge in 2019 highlighted that remote setups are perceived to be more vulnerable, with a 20% increase in security breaches linked to remote workers.

Time-Zone Tangles: BetConstruct, a notable iGaming software provider, reported operational challenges when coordinating between teams scattered across various time zones. The intricacy of synchronising project tasks can lead to delays.

Cultural and Communication Barriers: As the iGaming industry scales its operations globally, remote teams often consist of members from diverse cultural backgrounds. A study by the Cultural Intelligence Center in 2018 indicated that almost 40% of virtual teams face challenges stemming from cultural misunderstandings. These can lead to misinterpretations, unintentional offences, or differences in work ethics.

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