Career Development Resources in Malta
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Career Development Resources in Malta

on 14 February 2024

Malta's job landscape is a hotbed for professionals seeking growth, with a plethora of local resources fostering professional development. This guide dives into the specifics of the Maltese market, uncovering the best career development resources and opportunities for upskilling and reskilling across various industries.

II. Understanding the Maltese Job Market

Market Trends and Industry Demands

Malta's economic resilience is evident in its job market, with sectors such as iGaming, financial services, tourism, and technology leading the charge. The iGaming sector, for instance, is continuously on the lookout for digital marketing specialists and software developers, while the financial services sector demands financial analysts and compliance officers. Tourism, a longstanding pillar, seeks skilled hotel managers and event planners. Emerging sectors like renewable energy and healthcare are also carving out significant niches, expanding the job spectrum for professionals​​​​.

Continuous Learning and Development

The Maltese job market values continuous learning, with professionals needing to stay abreast of industry trends and advancements. The adaptability to global market fluctuations, technological advancements, and the drive for sustainability are shaping the skill sets required in the workforce.

III. Local Resources for Professional Development in Malta

Malta offers a diverse array of resources for professional development across various industries, from finance and education to technology and the arts. Here's a closer look at some of the notable events and initiatives:

Finance and Professional Services

The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP) annually hosts the IFSP Conference, a significant event for professionals in the financial services industry. The conference is accredited with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to stay updated with the latest industry trends, network with peers, and enhance their skills​​.

Education and Language Training

The ELT Council organises the Annual ELT (English Language Teaching) Conference, a platform for professionals in the language teaching industry to come together for their continuous professional development. The conference aims to maintain high standards in the ELT industry and promote professionalism among teachers and schools. It features a wide range of topics and provides an excellent opportunity for educators to enhance their teaching skills and network with peers.

Doctoral and Research Development

The University of Malta is committed to ensuring that its doctoral students develop transferable skills as part of their professional development. The Doctoral School’s Professional Development Programme offers a variety of workshops and sessions aimed at enhancing students' employability and augmenting the quality of their research. These workshops are also available to post-doctoral researchers and Research Support and Scientific Officers, providing a broad platform for academic and professional growth​​.

Creative Industries

The Dance Festival Malta is an example of how creative professionals can engage in intense training and professional development. This multi-disciplinary festival provides dance students and professionals with a platform to cultivate their skills and contribute to the dance ecosystem in Malta.

Technology and Innovation

Malta hosts several international conferences that offer professionals the opportunity to engage in learning and development within the tech industry. For instance, the International Conference on Inverse Problems: Modelling and Simulation focuses on multidisciplinary discussions and knowledge sharing in computer technology and biotechnology. The Business Model Conference, organised by the Edward De Bono Institute for Creative Thinking and Innovation at the University of Malta, invites experts to submit paper proposals and participate in discussions on business models.

IV. Upskilling Opportunities in Key Industries

Upskilling is pivotal in Malta's evolving job market. Various sectors offer targeted programs to enhance skills and meet industry demands.

Information Technology and Digital Skills

The eSkills Malta Foundation is at the forefront of digital upskilling. Its initiatives like Digital Skills Bootcamps and Events 2023 focus on coding, digital marketing, and AI, catering to diverse groups including women and seniors. Programs like “Bootcamp: Up-to-Scratch IT Skills” for refugee and expat girls, and “EmpowerHer” for female educators in tech, are examples of targeted upskilling to bridge gender gaps in technology​​.

Tourism and Hospitality

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) is a beacon for hospitality education in Malta, offering a broad spectrum of bachelor's and master's degrees in collaboration with international institutions. ITS has expanded its curricula to include innovative programs like Climate Friendly Travel and Diving Safety Management. The ITS Training School focuses on upskilling and reskilling current industry professionals through customisable training programs, ensuring the workforce stays abreast of evolving industry demands​​.

Financial Services

In the realm of finance, efforts are being made to keep the workforce skilled in the face of rapid technological advancements. The Malta Business Bureau underscores the need for consistent monitoring of worker competencies and adequate training to align skills with current and future enterprise needs, particularly in the context of the green and digital transition. The focus is on long-term skill development, with an emphasis on STEM programmes and increasing female participation in tertiary-level STEM subjects​​.

​V. Reskilling for Career Transition

The Maltese job market is responding to the global AI surge with strategic initiatives. The Malta.AI Taskforce, commissioned by the Maltese Government, aims to position Malta as a leader in AI by 2030. The strategy includes investment in start-ups and innovation, public and private sector AI adoption, and establishing a robust local AI ecosystem. Central to this strategy is education and workforce development, including a national reskilling program to assist workers in acquiring new digital skills through short training courses and on-the-job training support.

VI. Online Resources and E-learning Platforms

The Upskill 4 Future initiative by CSR Europe, supported by J.P. Morgan, is a comprehensive approach to equipping companies and their employees with the tools and skills needed for the digital age. The initiative, operating across multiple European countries including Malta, enhances human resources practices and promotes inclusive workforce development. It focuses on bridging the skills gap and fostering a culture of lifelong learning through methodological learning, capacity-building workshops, and practical solutions.

In Malta, the year 2023 was declared the European Year of Skills, emphasising the need to address skills shortages and upgrade skills for the green and digital transition. Initiatives include promoting upskilling and reskilling opportunities, highlighting EU funding possibilities, and organising awareness-raising campaigns. The EU Pact for Skills is a key policy initiative under this banner, addressing skill shortages and encouraging employers and workers to embrace upskilling and reskilling opportunities

VII. Leveraging Career Development Resources Effectively.

In Malta, professionals have access to a plethora of resources for career development. However, having resources at your disposal is just the first step. To truly benefit, it's crucial to leverage these resources effectively. Here's how you can make the most out of the career development resources available in Malta:

Engage in Continuous Learning and Training

Consider enrolling in targeted training programs and workshops that are labour market-driven. EURAXESS Malta mentions the importance of traineeships which combine on-the-job and off-the-job training. These programs are specifically tailored to meet the labour market's demands, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you acquire are directly applicable to your career

Network and Collaborate

Networking is a powerful tool in leveraging career development resources. Engage with various stakeholders involved in the delivery of lifelong guidance such as Euroguidance Malta, the National Schools Support Services, and the Malta Career Guidance Association. These platforms offer opportunities to meet like-minded professionals, share best practices, and collaborate on projects, thus broadening your career prospects.

​Utilise Digital Platforms for Job Opportunities

Make the most of digital platforms like vacancycentre.com to discover new job opportunities and understand market needs. These platforms provide a user-friendly interface for job seekers to connect with top employers, making your job search more efficient and targeted

Stay Informed and Adaptable

The job market is constantly evolving. Stay informed about industry trends and be adaptable to changes. Whether it's learning a new software, understanding market shifts, or embracing a new work culture, your ability to adapt can significantly influence your career progression.

VIII. Additional Resources and Support

In Malta, individuals seeking career progression have access to a comprehensive array of resources and support services, ranging from government-led initiatives to private sector offerings.

Public Employment Service (Jobsplus)

Jobsplus, Malta's national Public Employment Service, is a cornerstone in coordinating employment policy actions for both employed and unemployed individuals. Services provided include career advice, jobseeker profiling, development of personalised action plans, training services, first-hand experience training like the Work Exposure Scheme and job matching placements. The organisation operates a head office and several Job Centres in Malta and Gozo, ensuring widespread access to quality labour market information. Jobsplus also offers specialised Inclusive Employment Services like to assist disadvantaged individuals, including individuals with disabilities, former substance abusers, and former prison inmates, in finding employment.

Specialised Services for Youths

For the youth demographic, Jobsplus delivers a suite of specialised services. Under the Youth Guarantee scheme, the agency provides counselling and guidance to assist in the transition from inactivity to employment. This includes profiling, setting up personal action plans, and providing advisory services on labour market trends. Jobsplus also coordinates with educational entities and non-governmental organisations to offer services like information sessions, workshops, career tests, and short training sessions to youths from diverse educational backgrounds.

EURES Services

EURES (European Employment Service) Malta provides guidance and advice on mobility for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals, including youths. It helps individuals seeking job opportunities in other countries and assists incoming EU/EEA/Swiss nationals in finding jobs in Malta. Services include providing information on living and working conditions in Malta and directing individuals to the EURES Portal for job opportunities and relevant administrative procedures for relocation.

Training and Professional Development

For career guidance practitioners, Malta offers a solid educational infrastructure. The Centre for Labour Studies in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, provides training for career guidance practitioners. Additionally, the National School Support Services organises training in collaboration with national entities in various sectors such as hospitality, health, education, and ICT. The Malta Career Guidance Association organises training events and national conferences for career guidance practitioners, working towards the professionalisation of its members and strengthening their competences through continuous professional development initiatives​​.

Final Thoughts

Effectively leveraging career development resources involves a combination of utilising public services, engaging in continuous learning, networking, setting clear goals, utilising digital platforms, exploring governmental schemes, and staying informed. By actively engaging with these resources, professionals in Malta can significantly enhance their career prospects and achieve their professional goals.


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