Is your company Restructuring due to Covid-19?

It is easy to feel mentally exhausted by the everyday news revolving around Covid-19, which keeps causing continual disruptions to our daily lives, which in turn brings worries about the safety of our families and friends, whilst putting into question the status of our current jobs. In the midst of the current wave of challenges this pandemic is bringing along, we have developed an offering to assist and facilitate organisations internal restructuring processes, in particular to provide support & assistance to those employees hit by redundancies.


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vc-outplacement-services-orange (1)

What is Outplacement? 

Outplacement is a support service provided by some organisations to help former employees transition to new jobs. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement services which are paid for by the former employer and are achieved usually through practical advice, training materials and workshops. Outplacement provides former employees structure and guidance towards their new career options and preserves the morale of those who remain in the Company who see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the company.

Helping employees transitioning into their next career

We believe that our outplacement service is a socially responsible approach to assist employees impacted by organisational restructuring to transition more smoothly to their next career opportunity. Our offering can be seen as redundancy aftercare, providing guidance and practical skills to help employees transition into their next career. Outplacement services distinguishes you as an employer for the care shown to employees at this very difficult period, maintaining reputation and a positive employer brand.

Benefits of Outplacement:

  • increase in loyalty and engagement from remaining employees
  • maintains a positive employer reputation in times of crisis
  • opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility to help redundant employees find work elsewhere
  • provides invaluable support to impacted employees who may in future become your referees of clients & employees

As employees depart the firm during times of restructuring, they will leave with an opinion about the company – and likely hold it for years to come. This is why outplacement – a service typically provided by the employer to help impacted employees transition to new jobs – is becoming a standard benefit in a growing number of industries. Once considered a perk given just to C-suite or Executive level employees, outplacement solutions today are often offered to employees at every level of the organisation.

How to register?

Download the e-brochure for more detailed information. At the rear of the document you will find two application forms – the Employer section should be filled in by the company requesting the service, whilst the Employee section should be completed by the interested participant. Individuals applying directly for this service (without an Employer) can register and pay directly. Please send your filled in applications forms to [email protected]

For more information, please download the e-brochure hereunder: 

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