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Vacancy Centre / (hereinafter the “Website”) is owned and operated by CSB Group of The Penthouse, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, BKR 4013, Malta


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:
“data” means information of any type whatsoever, including personal data and sensitive personal data;
“Data Protection Act” means Chapter 440 of the Laws of Malta;
“data subject” shall have the same meaning as that attributed by the provisions of the Data Protection Act;
“non-identifiable personal data” means data which does not, in itself, disclose the identity of the data subject to whom such information relates;
“personal data” shall have the same meaning as that attributed by the provisions of the Data Protection Act;
“sensitive personal data” shall have the same meaning as that attributed by the provisions of the Data Protection Act;
“User” means any person making use of the Website, the facilities offered through the Website and/or the services of Vacancy Centre and/or, and the term “Users” shall be construed accordingly;

Data Protection and Privacy respects your privacy and is committed towards protecting your personal data. In fulfillment of this commitment has implemented security policies, rules and technical measures intended to protect the data under its control from unauthorised access, improper use and disclosure, unauthorised destruction or accidental loss.

The following information describes how VacancyCentre gathers, uses and processes data.

By using the Website the User accepts and agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • The User gives his/her unqualified consent to CSB Group to process any data submitted by him/her on or through the Website.
  • All data supplied by Users on or through the Website shall be processed by CSB Group for the purposes of enabling CSB Group to identify suitable job vacancies for the User, to aid the recruitment process and associated administrative functions. All information submitted on or through the website will be processed exclusively by employees in strict confidence.
  • User acknowledges that whilst prospective employers and/or Users of the Website will not have direct access to any personal data under the control of without the prior consent of the User, may make available to such prospective employers and/or Users of the Website such non-identifiable personal data as may be necessary to facilitate the identification of personnel for the prospective employer’s recruitment needs.
  • The User is responsible for ensuring that all data submitted on or through the Website is true, complete and accurate in all respects, that it is up-to-date and not misleading or likely to mislead or deceive, that it is not discriminatory in any jurisdiction and does not contain any offensive, obscene, racist, sexist or political content whatsoever. Any content which may be deemed to be inappropriate by may be deleted by at its sole discretion.
  • In terms of the Data Protection Act, any User is entitled to request to provide him/her with information in respect of the personal data about him/her held and processed by from time to time, and to have the said data corrected, updated or amended as may be required. Users wishing to correct, update or amend their data as it appears on the Website are advised to edit their respective profile directly on the Website through their account held with the Website.
  • will keep User data on file until specifically requested by the User to remove it or after a period of inactivity by the User, the period will be determined from time to time by Any requests for removal of data must be submitted in writing, by email or normal surface mail. reserves the right to keep records of candidates until such time as permitted by law for accounting or administrative purposes.

General Terms of Use

  • The User will not post or transmit to the Website any material that contains a virus or disabling services that may interfere with the operation of the Website or infringe any intellectual property right/s of any third party or that could affect ‘s reputation or that defames, abuses, harasses or threatens others or encourages any illegal activity or otherwise could damage or cause a loss in any manner whatsoever to
  • The User agrees that he/she will exercise due care and caution to avoid the breach of any provision of his/her employment contract and any other contractual obligations he/she may have entered into, by using the Website and providing information as indicated in these terms and conditions.
  • shall, in its sole discretion, determine the User’s compliance with these terms and conditions and shall have the unrestricted right to prevent any User from using the Website without providing any notice whatsoever.
  • does not provide any guarantee and/or assurance that an employer, or any third party who has any role in the selection process, will offer the User a position or request an interview.
  • The User undertakes that he/she will not disclose his/her username and/or password, which are required to access the Website, to any third party and accepts that shall not be responsible for any unauthorised access of the User’s data occasioned by the User’s carelessness, fault or negligence.
  • User shall indemnify and hold it harmless against any loss or damage suffered by the User which may be occasioned through the fault or negligence of the User and/or any misuse of the Website by the User including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any loss or damage arising from the direct or indirect dissemination by the User of any confidential information stored on the Website.
  • The User understands and acknowledges that the vacancies advertised on the Website will be subject to recruitment and employment legislation in the country where the job is based.

Should you have any queries relating to VacancyCentre’s data protection and privacy policies, please send it to [email protected]


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Force Majeure

Whilst every effort is made by to ensure the reliability and integrity of its systems, accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss suffered, whether financial or otherwise, as a result of (i) interruption to delivery or delays in accessing the Website, downtime or technical errors, irrespective of the cause thereof; or (ii) any viruses transmitted via the Website. Neither nor any of its service providers or employees gives any warranty that the service will be error free or uninterrupted.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Maltese law.

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