Advertising Your Vacancy Effectively

VacancyCentre is a Recruitment Agency based in Malta, powered by CSB Group. Experts in the development and management of Recruitment Advertising Campaigns, we are equipped to manage recruitment print and digital advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients, without exposing their identities to the competition and to avoid solicitation. On receipt of the applications, the initial pre-screening and interviewing may either be performed directly by the employer or outsourced to us. We also offer targeted advertising called Job Postings which are available in packages.

We can provide employers and Human Resources teams seeking to recruit, a recruitment service that is both Cost Effective and Guarantees Results. We manage to reach out to a wide audience of career seekers which allows us to respond quickly and effectively to clients’ requests.

In fact, our Job Postings Service will get you in touch with thousands job seekers looking for a career. Through this service, an employer can advertise an unlimited amount of vacancies with a detailed company overview and logo. Your Job Posting will feature 24/7 for a period of 4 weeks and most of all, CVs will be sent directly to your inbox! All prices are exclusive of VAT. Contact us for more information.