For Outsourced HR Consultancy Look No Further

For those organisations looking for more, VacancyCentre also offers a range of HR Solutions including HR Consultancy and interviewing assistance when required. Further, we can offer tailor-made solutions created for organisations that require assistance in all other aspects of Human Resources Management and Human Resources Development. Our Recruitment & HR Solutions are intended to aid both the start-ups as well as established employers alike, relieving management from the task of personnel hiring and allowing them to use their time more effectively in more productive and profit making tasks, thus contributing further towards their business’ growth and success.

VacancyCentre is a member of the Foundation of Human Resources Development (FHRD).


Outsourced Payroll

Let our dedicated team fully manage your Payroll Process accurately and efficiently giving you peace of mind. Let our specialists ensure that all your payroll-related requirements are met to a high standard.

  • Payroll Generation
  • Transferring the salary payments to the respective employees’ bank accounts
  • Fulfilling all statutory Income Tax and Social Security obligations
  • Ensuring that specific payroll management reporting are met and all statutory requirements are strictly adhered to.


Psychometric Testing

Employers are now able to make a more informed decision when it comes to the ultimate selection process by evaluating each shortlisted candidate through structured assessments in accordance with the specifications of the role as well as the requirements of the employer. This will help avoid the recruitment of the wrong employee and in turn save on the time and money invested by employers when engaging and training a new employee.

Apart from enabling employers to recruit the best candidates for the role, Psychometric Testing is also used to target employees’ strengths to develop them further, and identify the leaders from the rest. Therefore, the assessments we provide, are also useful for career guidance & management mentoring as well as team or even leadership development.

There are a vast range of tests, which can also be utilised in a battery to ensure the most appropriate form of assessments is carried out. The various assessments fall within any of the following categories:

  • Personality Questionnaires
  • Verbal, Numerical & Abstract Reasoning
  • Occupational Interests
  • Values & Attitude