A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish
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A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

on 29 November 2020

​We all have wishes and we all do a lot of planning to make those wishes come true. However, as they say, ‘You do not plant the seed and eat the fruit the same day’.

Planning is important since it can help us to stay focused on our main goal and avoid wasting our time on frivolous things.

When searching for a job, having a plan is also crucial, since it can help you target the right opportunities both from a career growth perspective as well as from a remuneration aspect.

Being involved in recruitment for a number of years, I am aware that for a candidate who is searching for a job or for a client who is looking to fill in a vacant position, it is not always easy and straight forward, but having a plan helps. In fact, I notice that candidates who are realistic in their expectations and know what they want, are usually the most successful in finding a job first. The same thing can be said for clients whom I work with who are ready to listen to what the market is offering and adapt accordingly rather than expecting the market to adapt to their needs.

To plan ahead, you need time, so my two cents’ worth is to give yourself time to explore what is available on the market by keeping yourself updated on what is available from time to time within your areas of expertise. The job you have been wanting or the candidate which you have been searching for might not always be available anytime – planting the seed and eating the fruit doesn’t happen on the same day.

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