John Dimech
General Manager

John joined VacancyCentre in January 2016 after having spent over 30 years in the hospitality/tourism industry and more recently 5 years in recruitment. John has an excellent track record in management and always strived to exceed targets. John is responsible mainly for the general management in respect of the recruitment business and managing a team of recruiters and support staff, as well as assisting candidates in their next career move and delivering the best talent to clients.

  • Has travelled around the world on business and leisure trips, visiting Australia, Korea, China, Florida, Alaska and several European countries and the excitement of travelling has not worn off yet, despite the hassle at airports nowadays due to security.
  • Enjoys reading thrillers mostly of Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham and Michael Connelly
  • Played basketball locally and internationally with local and national teams and coached various basketball teams up to mid-90s. Played tennis until a few years ago and still plays basketball with friends weekly to this day.
  • John would not venture in doing anything unless he finds it fulfilling
Sarah Miceli
Team Leader

Sarah joined VacancyCentre in 2013. She is mainly responsible for providing ongoing recruitment assistance to both employers and career seekers alike. She loves connecting with interesting new people and others around her, which makes her passionate about what she does within her role in recruitment. Sarah strives to identify unique skills and talents that she can use to bring out the best in people, and uses this to communicate new ideas and concepts as effectively as possible.

  • Sarah loves to travel and doesn’t categorise between short and long trips, if there’s an opportunity to explore and take a few snap shots, she’s there!
  • Always the summer girl, she has always loved the beach which always gives a sense of peace and calm.
  • A quote Sarah has always gone by is “Never know what to expect”
  • She believes in making the best out of every situation, hence loving the challenges that come along with learning new things and always tries to see the brighter side.
Simon Pace
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Simon joined VacancyCentre in 2018 following 6 years of recruitment experience assisting employers and candidates within technology and financial roles. His expertise and versatility within a range of skills gives him the advantage to assist candidates and employers on a number of different vacancies. Simon is internally responsible for the Financial Services, Investments and Banking sectors.

  • Loves to travel and experience different cultures
  • Enjoys playing football, going for a run and watching mystery/thriller movies
  • Favourite quote: “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph”
Cheryl Vassallo
Recruitment Consultant

Cheryl joined CSB Group in the beginning of 2014 as a Front Office Administrator and has moved on to VacancyCentre as Recruitment Consultant. Cheryl brings her background in administration and training to the table and grew to be passionate about HR and hence taking this on as a career path. Cheryl is mainly responsible for providing efficient first line Recruitment and HR support both via telephone and email whilst pre-screening and identifying suitable candidates for positions being handled by the Recruitment Consultants.

  • She truly enjoys helping people in any way possible and thinks laughter is the great healer in life, and a great way to turn things around when things aren’t going perfectly.
  • Cheryl enjoys reading, photography and daydreaming about her next travel adventure which usually involves something to do with jumping out of a plane or off a mountaintop.
  • Her favorite quote which she lives life by is: ‘Your behaviour is everything you say and do. The secret of success is to start thinking about the choices you have. Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up’
Francesca Buhagiar
Recruitment Consultant

Francesca joined VacancyCentre in August 2015 and is mainly responsible for providing ongoing recruitment assistance to various clients and candidates, specializing within the Legal, Compliance & Gaming Sector. Francesca graduated with a Bachelor degree in Psychology and is passionate about organizational psychology. She believes that she can put the skills she acquired in psychology to good use, by analysing candidate’s personalities and attributes and matching them to a job suitable to them.

  • She loves being around people and is at ease with young and old alike.
  • She is a keen listener and is always ready to give a helping hand to family and friends in need.
  • Francesca has a passion for singing. In fact she currently trains in classical voice. She also forms parts of the Manuel Theatre Youth Opera. Being a part of this group, has helped Francesca to learn how to work in a team, which she believes is essential for achieving outstanding results.
  • She has a positive personality and always tries to see the bright side of life.
  • Her motto is “Believe to achieve ”.
Megan Noble
Recruitment Consultant

Megan joined VacancyCentre in February 2018 as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Marketing & Sales, Administration Sectors. She is still at the start of her recruitment adventure and loves connecting with interesting new people and others around her, which makes her passionate about what she does within her role in recruitment.

  • Megan enjoys the feeling of helping people succeed and be happy in the best possible way, and always shows her cheerful and caring personality while being professional.
  • Her hobbies include investing time in Horse Riding, as she has been competing since a young age, and still has horses in the UK. Megan also enjoys spending time and making memories with family and friends.
  • Her motto is: “live life to the fullest and focus on the positive”.
Valeria Ferri
Recruitment Consultant

Valeria joined VacancyCentre in March 2018 as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Legal & Compliance and iGaming Sectors.  Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Management and Human Resources, she is still at the start of her recruitment adventure.

Valeria loves connecting with people from different spheres of life and truly enjoys helping people succeed, this makes her passionate about what she does within her role.

  • Valeria enjoys travelling around the world, seeing new places and discovering new cultures. She believes that people can always learn something from each other.
  • She has a positive personality and sees challenges and obstacles as an opportunity to grow and learn more.
  • She loves reading and doing sports, and her hobbies include painting and learning new languages.
  • Her favourite quote:  “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
Mafalda Duarte
Recruitment Consultant

Mafalda joined VacancyCentre in March 2018 as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in Financial Services. With a Masters in Forensic Science and Legal Medicine, Mafalda brings a knowledge of working in team and explore different personalities. Although she is still in the beginning of her recruitment life, she is passionate about connecting with new people which is what makes our recruitment role interesting and fun.

  • Mafalda enjoys spending time with people and she is always ready to give a helping hand to everyone given her positive character.
  • She is a travel addict, for her it is imperative to have a few trips planned for the year and enjoys exploring different cities, tasting great cuisine and exploring diverse cultures.
  • Family and friends are very important in Mafalda’s life and she ensures she spends enough time making memories with all.
  • Her hobbies include painting, arts, dancing, photography, blogging, travel and gym.
  • Her favourite quote of life is: ‘Everything happens for a reason.’
Pierre Bigot
Recruitment Consultant

Pierre joined VacancyCentre in May 2018. He has a strong experience in Customer Support and Social Media. Always interested in recruitment, he decided to get a diploma in Human Resources to understand the whole recruitment process.

  • Pierre likes to help people. He also like to be with his friends and spend some unforgettable moments.
  • He always like to have a good laugh at work and keep a nice atmosphere in the office.
  • To keep himself updated on everything, he likes to read articles on internet.
  • His favorite quote is “ No matter how impossible, unattainable or unimaginable something may seem, if it’s meant to be, it will be.”
Ian Aquilina
Recruitment Consultant

Ian Joined the VacancyCenter in 2018 following two years of recruitment in the UK. His experiences in various aspects of recruitment provide him with a range of skills to assist both employers and candidates alike. Ian is a Recruitment Consultant Specializing in Information and Communication Technology.

  • Ian likes to meet new people wherever he goes, some of his favorite moments are of making new friends in the most unlikely of places.
  • He has traveled through Europe and visited the middle east and Asia taking with him his trusty camera.
  • Ian has a passion for photography, he feels that this allows him to connect more with people and gives him the opportunity to do some voluntary work for charity fundraising events.
  • His favorite quote is “There is not try… There is only do or do not”.
Hind El Mostafi
Recruitment Consultant

Hind joined VacancyCentre in 2018 as a Recruitment Consultant. After gaining significant experience in management and training in a finance company, she decided to take on a new challenge in order to develop her passion for Human Resources.

  • She enjoys traveling and meet up new people around the world, she spent almost her free time planning new travel.
  • She loves read psychology books, paint, cook and to organize party with her friends
  • She is every time ready for new challenges and to learn new things, her favorite quote is: “Everyone can teach you something!”
Irene Fontolan
Marketing Assistant

Irene joined VacancyCentre in June 2018 as a Marketing Assistant. Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Creative Development and Management of Cultural Activities, she worked in different work environments as Museums Foundation, University Career Service, Marketing Company, Event Agency.

Irene is curious and has a positive personality. She is proactive and believes in the importance to update herself constantly, especially in the marketing and communication field. This makes her passionate about what she does within her role.

  • Irene enjoys travelling around the world and when she visits a new place she loves walking in its green areas.
  • She likes writing, reading and cooking, her hobbies include making handmade creations for home.
  • Her favourite quote: “I want to do everything to bring out the best in my life.” Elizabeth Gilber