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Besart Kondi

Recruitment Consultant

About Besart

​With more than 7 years of experience in recruitment, Besart is a seasoned professional in Compliance as well as IT, FMCG, Oil and Gas, and ICT industries. His expertise lies in identifying top talent and matching them with the right job opportunities, while also building strong relationships with both employers and candidates. He has a passion for finding the right fit for both parties, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

His skills include; an in-depth understanding of the hiring process, excellent communication and relationship-building abilities, and a talent for identifying top talent across various industries. He is also adept at conducting interviews, assessing candidates' skills and experience, and negotiating job offers.

“Candidates aren’t just resumes on a screen, they’re individuals with unique skills, experiences, and aspirations. As recruiters, our job is to connect them with opportunities that will allow them to thrive and achieve their goals.”

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