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VC (VacancyCentre) recruits for permanent positions, servicing clients ranging from innovative high-growth firms to blue-chip companies to start-up entities. Consultants work with clients looking to hire new human capital resources for their operations, either to replace, grow or build from scratch. We work in partnership to understand our customers business challenges, and to offer consultancy and advice not only for the recruitment process and strategy, but also the scope of the hired compared to the available talent pool in the market. We have historically been a Malta-centric headhunting firm, however we are expanding our offerings towards other European jurisdictions due to an overwhelming demand from clients due to the on-going struggle to identify certain technical profiles – mostly within the Technology domain.

C-Suite – technical leadership is at the heart of company strategic human capital asset to achieve business goals. We source the experts required to deliver solutions, leading businesses, managing tech teams.

Software Development:

Javascript – we focus in placing permanent Web and JavaScript engineers utilising ReactJS, TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular and Vue skillsets to deliver quality web platforms to businesses of all sizes & shapes. We are active in our developer communities and pride ourselves on building trustworthy and long lasting relationships with the best engineers, to enable us deliver high talent profiles to our clients.

.NET – with decades of sector experience in .NET, we connect our clients with highly specialised and sought-after talent through our extensive professional network. We cover all skill sets within the Microsoft development sphere and we focus on transparency and accuracy which has allowed us to establish long standing relationships with both candidates and clients.

Python & Ruby Engineering – Python and Ruby are open-source, server-side scripting languages focusing on simpler, high-performance codes. We pride in placing top quality software engineers across both start-up companies and well-established tech organisations.

Java – this is one of the most popular programming languages and no surprise it is highly in demand by our clients. From programmers to analysts, and from architects to developers – there is a whole plethora of riles that need professionals well-versed in Java, J2EE. Knowledge and experience of the most sought after Java related framework, the Spring framework.

QA & Testing – we keep cultivating contacts within the market leading QA talent network. Whether hands-on manual and automation engineering roles (Software Engineers in Test, QA’s, Performance Testers) – we have a proven track record of delivery on quality focused recruitment.

IT Infrastructure – architects play a crucial role in every company’s IT strategy; they are the bridge between the technical and the business and are expected to have knowledge of the software, infrastructure, security and cloud domains. We focus on Architects from a software engineering background, shaping their journey from a developer all the way to becoming a CTO.

Digital, Product & Design – in an increasingly digital age, the scope for design continues to expand rapidly, with more and more roles appearing year-on-year. Our team are well-versed in the challenges faced by business wishing to expand their design function and are able to use our in-depth knowledge of the industry to service functions as Product Design, UX/UI, VR & AI, Illustrator, Visual & interaction Design.

Data Analytics & BI – with data becoming ever more important, businesses must have a robust strategy in place in order to fully optimise the capture, management, analysis and actioning of information. BI Specialists – effective analysis of big data for use in providing 360-degree views of business operation have quickly become a crucial part of business practice and staying ahead of the competition. With client requirements to improve the data practices of businesses of all sizes and stages of development, our team is well placed to meet the Business intelligence recruitment needs from a client or candidate perspective.

Project Management & Business Analysis – business analysts are vital for identifying and clarifying changes needed to advance business objectives. Project Managers & Business Analysts work alongside and assess the business model in use on an on-going basis, returning with regular reports on every aspect of the workflow, so that positive intervention can be carried out. Our consultants recruit for a wide-range of Business Analysts jobs which include – Senior Business Analysts, Test Analysts, Intelligence Analysts; System Analysts and First Line Analysts – across various sectors.

AI & Machine Learning – for quite some time now, artificial intelligence (AI) and its subset, machine learning have been a hot topic. Countless industries apply this technology in various ways to automate and optimise all kinds of processes. Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and concentrates on the statistical analysis of data to give computer systems the ability to learn ‘autonomously’ without being specifically programmed. It is the driver behind many of the technological innovations we see in the workplace today as well as a driver of the fourth industrial revolution. Typical components of AI include – Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech recognition; Robotics, Image Recognition.

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