Your Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae is an important tool and the first step when you start to search for a job

The resume is a summary of the course of your studies, work experience and of whatever stands out and characterizes you.

You have to be honest writing both your strengths and weaknesses, as both recruiters and prospective employers will really appreciate that! You do not have to be endowed with all experience and skills written in the job description, or you do not have to own those requirements at the highest levels. Employers may prefer junior candidates who would then grow within their organizations, and would not hesitate to train them through the working methods as potentially they can become part of the “family”.

The Curriculum Vitae is really your business card. It has to bring out your professional skills set and personal profile that will make the first impact with recruiters and employers. A good resume has more possibilities to impress them and to secure an interview!

The golden rules are:

  1. Put a spotlight on your strengths
  2. Elaborate as much as you can on your skills set and experience

You do not need to go through great lengths to describe your skills set and experience in your CV. You are likely to make a better impact if you can outline your exposure briefly, rather than repeating the same experience for every job you had over the years.

Take note: Recruiters will consider your CV as a whole, so, you do not have to worry if you do not have much work experience as recruiters will identify your soft skills and your potential from your studies and work paths.

Write your resume briefly and clearly. You have to be able to create a tailor-made CV for that specific job you are applying for, and in which you underline what relevant skills set and competencies you have. Ask yourself:

–             Why should they choose me?

–             What can do I do for the company?

–             Even if I do not tick all the boxes, how can I learn or improve?

You can find online a lot of different CV format, like Europass, Chronological or Info-graphic or if you are looking for a professional review you also seek assistance from your preferred recruiter. Please, click here to know more. You will have more possibilities with us to land the job of your dream; we have assisted many candidates and you may read their feedback at the bottom of our homepage.

You should consider your Curriculum Vitae as a map in which you specify the most important information that Recruiters have to read immediately. How can you do it? Highlight in bold or underline the keywords and they will stand out from the rest of the document.

Ensure that the content of your Curriculum Vitae is grammatically correct and clear without mistakes! Choose a featured photo against a neutral background and try to have more positive and reassuring expression as possible. When you send your CV to recruiters, we recommend that you save the document of your Curriculum Vitae in your name and surname, like this: “Joe Smith CV”.

The second step that you should prepare before your start searching for a new job is to write a good Cover Letter. If you are capable of writing a very detailed and interesting cover letter, this will be a plus when applying for a new job! And remember that the Cover Letter is not the summary of your CV, but you should include additional information, again relating to your skills set, experience and track record, etc, that would have made your CV too long and risking losing interest from the reader (recruiter or employer). Also, state the real motivation for looking for new opportunities and applying for that role, which you would not include in your Curriculum Vitae.

Third and last step: update your public profiles on social media! Nowadays recruiters and employers look at these public platforms for additional information. Therefore it is important to update such profiles and this may also attract recruiters to get in touch with you and share with you some exciting opportunities that might be of interest to you. Do not underestimate social media as your profiles are out there representing your skills set and experience!

Is your CV up to date? Well, upload it here!


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