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Changing Jobs

on 23 November 2020

​You feel burned out at your job, and despite your best efforts to improve the situation or even change yourself, you’re still stressed and unhappy. Lately, you’ve been noticing more and more the job adverts in the Sunday paper and even your family has hinted something about it.

Even though there are various ways to handle work related stress, occasionally it’s time for a drastic solution…sometimes the only way out is to change job or even career. However, a change in job or career is not something that should be taken lightly, especially if you have dependents.

Where do I start?

Your starting point should be an evaluation to find out why are you unhappy in your current position and whether you need a change in job or a totally brand new career. Try this simple exercise.

Make a List

Make a list of everything which leads to dissatisfaction with your current job. Include anything which makes you unhappy, from a lack of creative challenge to the ugly view from your office window. When the list is complete, review each item and mark as “A” those items which are specific to your particular workplace, such as conflicts with co-workers, a long commute, or an unsympathetic supervisor. Mark as “B” those items which are specific to your area or field of expertise. For example, a nurse would classify co-worker conflicts as “A” and dealing with illness as “B”.

If most of your answers are “A”, then you are likely dissatisfied with your present workplace. Review your list again and try to realistically assess how many of the items could be improved upon by changing your workplace. Think about what motivated you to become interested in your present job or field in the beginning. If this interest is still strong, you would likely benefit more from a change of job rather than from a total career change.

Today we’re talking about changing jobs. We will look at entering new careers at a later date. A change in job is not a decision which should be taken on the spur of the moment.

3 courses of Action

If you have made your final decision about leaving, you can chose either of 3 courses of action :

  • Local newspapers and the internet contain various vacancies all year round;

  • Talk with people in the relevant field. Especially if you have spent a number of years in a job that promotes networking, your contacts could prove to be a valuable source of information to check what’s available in the market and what are the conditions offered by competing companies;

  • If you’re not sure of what to do, if you’re worried about confidentiality or just don’t have the time to do some extensive research, try seeking some professional help. A recruitment Agency can put you on the right track and also act as a liaison with any companies you might be particularly interested. Most agencies also have available a number of vacancies with their portfolio of clients. These services are usually available at no cost to job searchers.

Whichever course of action is best for you, make sure you give it some thought beforehand. As was mentioned earlier, do not take any decisions on the spur of the moment, and getting advise is always a worth while exercise.

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