The future of Jobs
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The future of Jobs

on 28 November 2020

​Similar to Darwin’s Theory on the evolution of man, due to technological, economic and social changes certain jobs are dying while others are thriving. Whether you’re starting your job search for careers in Malta now or in a few years’ time, it’s crucial to understand that technology has an unwavering  impact both for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.

The list below includes jobs that are growing in popularity right now and others that are forecast to be in-demand in the coming 5 to 10 years.

App Developer

Why become an app developer? Check the palm of your hand for the answer. The proliferation of mobile technology is driving demand for development of new applications of all kinds, from news and games to music and social media. Systems software developers, who create the operating systems for computers and mobile devices, are also poised for prosperity.

Information Security Analyst

Increasing digital threats are pushing all companies to hire IT experts to strengthen up their information security. You will also be able to find job opportunities in the medical sector, where the tendency is to move to protect patients’ privacy  as well.

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Physical Therapist

The age of baby boomers are also a boom for those working in physical therapy. Many more physical therapists will be needed in the field to care for their aliments and to lead them through to rehabilitation.

Accountants and Auditors

All companies, irrespective of size, and all self-employed individuals, will need an accountant’s or auditor’s expertise at some point. Due to this reality, accountants and auditors are always in demand. For those that have an affinity for numbers, this career path will guarantee your job security because of several factors which have contributed to the increase in demand of the professionals in the field.

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Social Media Specialist

There is no denying the massive effect that social media has on brand awareness and exposure. That is why many companies are now looking to recruit an in-house social media specialist or outsource this skill. Social media roles have skyrocketed over the past couple of years, and no marketing team is complete without having one on board.

Market Research Analyst

Big data is giving a massive boost to this profession. Market research analysts help companies navigate an increasingly competitive business landscape by crunching numbers and studying market conditions and consumer behaviour. With the analyses that they provide, they can develop an effective marketing strategy, which may include setting appropriate prices and choosing advantageous store locations.

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